Jack Simcock

Painter and Poet

About us, and the reason for the website:-

We are Jack Simcock’s daughter and granddaughters. Janis, Kate and Deborah Beats.


I am now based in South Manchester, where I moved after living for a year at my dad’s house, “West View” at Mow Cop, Cheshire. I was unable to permanently live at “West View” as it needed major works and upkeep, and I had always been a little afraid after my dad’s many ghost stories!
I’ve become a volunteer for the RSPCA, mainly fostering cats and kittens. My obsession is gardening, and I spend most days digging and trying to grow veg, and hopefully eat it before the snails, greenfly, caterpillars, birds etc.


I have been working as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick since 2012, in the Department of Classics and Ancient History. Since beginning my studies in 2002 at Warwick, my research has taken me to libraries across the UK and Europe, to archaeological sites in Greece and to museum stores in Cardiff and Coventry. I obtained my doctorate in 2012. My particular interest is ceramics, and the older and dustier the better. You know what they say, you can take the girl out of the Potteries, but you can’t take the Potteries out of the girl. This year has suddenly become a time of significant change for me, as I will begin working as temporary curator at the Cambridge Museum of Classical Archaeology in June.


I live in South Manchester, which is why my mum moved here after my grandad’s death. I work for the RSPCA as an animal care supervisor, and I love my job (I get to work with cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs every day).

Reason for website, and why now?

I (Janis) cared for my dad for nearly 5 years prior to his death. We became very close and had many conversations, during our daily time together, about how I should deal with his work after his death (death was his favourite subject, he looked forward to it immensely). We experimented with the internet (he’d always said he’d never use any of these modern gadgets) and we decided to put a few catalogues and drawings on eBay. He kept a little book, with photos of all the drawings we put on, and he wanted daily reports of how many viewings and watchers there were. He couldn’t wait for the auction to end and was very excited when we sold anything. This always surprised me, as he’d refused a number of painting sales for many years, but it wasn’t anything to do with the money, he just found it entertaining.
This is why I decided to set up a Simcock website, as I know he would approve of showing his work in this way. On here you’ll have access to paintings and drawings never before seen, from early work in the 50’s through to the latest in 2011 just prior to his death, and the opportunity to purchase works which have never been offered for sale previously, among other things. My dad would have loved to have been involved, which of course he is, as without him I wouldn’t have anything to show you! The reason for the timing is as a memorial for the 2nd anniversary of his death (13th May 2012).